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AD (#1) (Tincture)

Eleuthero, containing biologically active constituents known as ginsenosides, teams up with Gotu Kola, Licorice and Parsley in a complementary herbal formula that supports the energy-producing adrenal glands.

Pure Tincture of Eleuthero (root), Gotu Kola (leaf), Licorice (root), Parsley (leaf) in an alcohol base



Herbal Tincture


1 oz

10 drops 3 times daily in water

Contraindicated in pregnancy. Eleuthero supports the adrenals. In very high doses, it can cause side effects of hypertension, irritability, sadness, anxiousness, and insomnia (however it is present in small quantities in this synergistic formula and unlikely to be a problem). Licorice is contraindicated in hypertension and should not be used with digitalis-like drugs. The combination of herbs in this formula work together in creating synergistic effects, and smaller amounts of the herbs are utilized for optimal results.

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